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Sun Jun 7 20:04:09 UTC 2020

for an intregalactic & humane republic, man.



the new erossheim.


[ here we're


Briefly, on the occupation of Jerusalem by “hordes of foreign invaders”
- see you - see crusades etched into Jerusalem about you - and an ultimate
“end game” or end of the story basically paralleling “the useleness
of light” … and neither the worth of communism nor “capitalist
electorism” to any kind of future that I or … hopefully the future
smashing our present with a “stupid stick” thinks is worthwhile. Your
money is worthless-the way you use it is … “incentivized
cannibalism,” it's made the world a sick place, and the other side of the
coin has left us nothing but “fascism” and failing economies to
parallel-exactly seeing that here too. Your protests and your methods of
protesting are barbaric; as is the massive disregard for the “meaning of
snifleheim” and the “spirit of Korantine.”

Bethlahem; “house, clearing my throat” … the coughing was less
telling, and perhaps more suggestive of some kind of double speak (like
hurry up, God!) than the current absolute nothing but sickness that speaks
to me with fake colds and fake riots and fake “reasons we think we should
be proud.” Don't be proud here, don't be proud of your there-and look at
here, and see the writing on the wall. Reading “and don't know” that's
a relatively well used, important and well known phrase-commonly called an
idiom-that does a decent job of “darkness to rapturing
” the true “zeitgeist of the day.” It says … echoes loudly, we
“see what Jesus Christ is writing about” … and “it's us” …
“and it's all over.”

On those “it's” … and related … the “smashing of the ten”
continues here at the foot and crossroads of Sin and the Ai; the Supreme
Nine Morons … between this email and the last … have struck down in a
5-4 decision a Church's right to congregate, over the “riot response”
perpetrated by the National Guard and the various rogue states executives
dictating that we have neither a First Amendment right to speak, nor to
congregate. This now after the previously well railed against destruction
of the Fourth in relation to the NSA, the Patriot Act and several cases
dictating that the people have no right to knowledge or recourse against
the government or AT&T-for blatant and obvious “to the letter”
disregard for that amendment.


[ back to the sky

In related news; there's multiple rivers turning to blood, and also a
plague of locusts some relate to the Corona virus. My personal perspective
… whether or are knowledgable of it or agree … is that this is some
kind of very un-grand designed, scripted and … evil spectacle-to whit,
this looks like Skyfall, not just “David, Adam, Moses and Nashon
admonishing the sea of … ignorance.”

For those of you that “think you have (?)” - think again; from Azrael
to whomever damned our current faux and mistaken “medical world” in
Nevada-the Constitution (your light and hope … if you do care; at the end
of this thing) and the Hippocratic Oath … basically z'd and diseased-in
my mind-in retrospect now—from the days of the (it's not a) game: Hungry
Hungry Hippo. Dear Pig-Sty; I do not jest on the word thirsty, nor it's
relation to Bethalhem or the Manger or the Farm-now by his word to me, in
the Farmer.

the tesseract and the glome; "this ground" ... and the star of death

nger in that room-now … in a place where the bled into “
Broken Dreams
” … though it's not clear, why. ]

** but it's sad and it's sweet and i knew it complete when i wore the
younger man's clothes **


7: @ th-@ day shall a man look to his Maker, and his eyes shall have
respect to the Holy One of Israel.

... 4/11/2020 ...


It's annotation startliterally going to take the annotation endannotation
startend of Hellannotation endannotation start fannotation endor this line
above ... for my eyes to respect the Maker; to become true. Whether you
think that's me or you or civilizations or "one thing" ... see we have a
war on stupid, silence, and censorhship ... literally before our eyes. We
are losing by default--by doing nothing. Here's a place to start
; other than "just me" and "just because 911." If that link doesn't work
for you; notify me ... on Twitter
or via adam at fromthemachin e-cccdotty org
and why. If you can't see my website; notify me ... if you don't want these
emails, click "options" at the end of this one. Thanks for understanding.


[You] fail to see

How destructive you can be

Taking without giving back

'Till the damage can be seen

Can you see? Can you see?

- Staind, “Price to Play


So my conceptualization of “the heavens” and Heaven … it's changed
quite a bit in the last year or so. I've come to believe … through the
telling and retelling of this story of “dsiconvering it” … that we
are actually living inside some kind of graphene or carbon nanotube
structure (probably with a DNA/RNA like … secondary structure), literally
submerged inside something like pools or compression chambers of liquid
gas-like oxygen, nitrogen, and hydrogen.


It's kind of like … the negative connotation of “lakes” in Kaleb's
“don't be the lake” turned upsidown on it's head-obviously in the
original … vision you would imagine fresh water lakes were something like
“milk” … (as opposed to meat) … the stuff of life and birth. You
can see how those gases would deliver “liquid cooling” like we'd need
for super fast Cray
and Sun super compvters … and also stored energy for … things like
propulsion as well as the creation of “human life habitable
environments.” I'd like to [say I came up with the whole thing
miraculously and solo
(it's Monday
, btw), like Newton invented gravity and Einstein … the blackhole.

what came first … the chicken or the egg? the road or the maize? … is
theQ: “can we it ourselves to Acts?”

On and on, the circle of Ourorobus turns; who then, came first … Adam or
Abraham? Cain or Abel? Adam past Lincoln or … Link of Zelda? And the
Legend; marred and mired toto end by spelling errors and bad grammar.

round and round we go … truly the question here is “do you think you,
yourselves, are civilized?” and my answer … the less you think that,
the more civilzed you are. this place is sick, it needs some

What is a Gremlar? What does pillows and sheets have to do with Q&A and …
and Room 101? Does “dirty pillows” win the award and accolades for the
most informative chosen name? Does Yehuda Berg?

Would anyone object to calling it “O'riordian Way” … is it Monceres
or are we already wondering if Betheljoos must already have some kind of
connection to Orion? Did Dolores know the whole time? The whole fucking

I satyed up practically all night tonight … almost stone cold sober …
to finish writing this before our final “Northeasterer.”



It doesn't take much “thought” to see these star charts-our
Astrological road maps to ‘wisdom of the Ancients' might actually be
something closer to road maps than I could have previously fathomed-let
alone imagined. I'm staring at “Monoceros” and seeing it's definately
connected to “the kissing disease” and to Eros and to Cupid-and seeing
… this one not for the first time that character linked to Orion and to
the “Speare” of Sagittarius.

I've commented … ‘on the show in my head' that it seems the entirety of
the Milky Way might be something like our world … it could be a
microcosmic map to something much larger-it could be the seed of
“galaxies” in this place that might very well be the “thing” that
connects the end and the beginning; rather than the beginning and the end
as I once … commented was the original “glyph” i read in the letter


Today though, this is all “sci-fi conjecture” we have a very real
problem-one that we aren't dealing with well, and it's a hidden sickness
that's turned the whole of the world to seeing my “nightmare of
isolation.” It's no accident that most of European and South American
culture … “kisses” friends and family “on greeting” … hello, we
today are shunning ‘social contact' … a think that's responsible for
sharing antibodies and using social structure to naturally battle outbreaks
of diseases … exactly like this “Sun virus” today. I imagine it's no
accident I'm writing this “Norther” about “no Passover” and …
“no east from here” and hoping you understand that means something-it
means we've got stop lying, and stop pretending this place doesn't matter.
This place matters, this is the source of Heaven, and the future, and …
whatever it is that you apparently think you “covet in secret” and …
has allowed you to stand by idylly … and do nothing as the fabric of our
social structure simply “disappears.”

That's civilization, society, the rule of law and order - “it's
kissing” - and those aren't the only things we are apparently “losing
in the fire.”

I've previously written and spoken numerous times about DNA storag e; it's
benefits and … the slow assimilation of this clearly “Heavenly”
technology … which I saw in the most ironic of tones-looking around
clearly you see this place is the hearth of creation, and “biology”
itself is tantamount to absolute and unequivocal proof that Heaven itself
does indeed come from something almost exactly like this rock, right down
to graphene and tertiary logic and molecular storage-of course I didn't
awlays “think” or know that fact, but upon inspection and with the
eye's aid, it's very-I mean very-obvious/clear.


To a question on the idiom; is Bablyon about “the law” or “of the lan
d of Nod

“What is democracy” … the song, Metallica's “ONE” echoes and
repeats; as we apparently scrive together the word “THEM” … I
question myself … if Babylon were the capital city of some mythical
Nation of Time … if it were the central “turning point” of Sheol; ...

Can you not see that in this place; in a world that should see and does
there is a gigantic message proving that we are not in reality and trying
to show us how and why that's the best news since ... ever---that it's as
simple as conjoining "the law of the land" with a basic set of rules that
automatically turn Hell into something so much closer to Heaven I just do
not understand---why we cant stand up together and say "bullets will not
kill innocent children" and "snowflakes will not start avalanches ...."
that cover or bury or hide the road from Earth to Verita
l)e .... or from the mythical Valis to Tanis
---or from Rigel
to Beth-El ... "guess?"

**## as "an easy" answer; I'm looking for a fusion of "law and land" that
somehow remembers a "jok'er a scene" about "lawn" seats; and "
where the girls are green

It's as simple as night and day; Heaven and Hell ... the difference between
survival and--what we are presented with here; it's "doing this
right"--that ends the Hell of representative democracy and electoral
college--the blindness and darkness of not seeing "EXTINCTION LEVEL EVENT"
encoded in these words and in our governments foundation ... by the framers
[not just of the USA; but English .. and every language] 

... is literally just as simple as "not caring" or thinking we are at the
beginning of some long process--or thinking it will never be done--that
special "IT" that's the em
ancipation of you and I.

Here words like "gnosis
" and "gaudeamus
" pair with my/ur "new ntersanding*" of the difference between Asgard and
Medgard and really understanding our purpose here is to end "evil" ...
things like "simulating disease and pain" (here, simulating meaning ...
intentionally causing, rather than "gamifying away") and successfully
linking the "Pillars of Hercules" to Plato's vision of Atlantis and the
letter sequences "an" and "as" ... unlock a fusion of religion and
mythology and "cryptographic truth" that connects "messianic" and
"Christian" to "Roman" ... "Chinese" and "American" ... literally the key
to the difference between the phrases "we are" and "we were" ....

in "sight" of "silicon" in simulation and Israel, Genesis, and "silence"
... trying to the raising of Asgardian enlightenment
... and seeing "simple cypher" connecting to "Norse" ...

and the "I AM THAT
" surer than shit
... the intention and design of all religion and creation is to end
"simulated reality" and also not seeing "SR" ... in Israel and Norse ...
"for instance."


" a key--in two languages conjugated literally as both "I AM" and "WE ARE"
 Search: I know that if I am than so are you
... and it is because we have overcome .... something I truly cannot figure
out, fathom, or believe ... was truly here before us--a spiralling series
of failures ... speaking: to the heavens; but in secret and in action;
"doing everything possible to succeed

It's a simple linguistic concept; the "singularity" and the "plurality" of
a simple word--"to be"
--but it goes to the heart of everything that we are and everything that is
around us. This is a message about understanding and preserving
individuality as well as liberty; and literally seeing "ARXIV
" and understanding "often" and failing to connect God and prescience to
"IV" and the Fourth Amendment ... it's about blindness and ... "curing the
blind instantly" ... and fathoming how and why this message has been etched
into our entire history and and all religions and myths and music--to help
us "to be THAT we" that actually "are responsible" for the end of Hell.

 I neglected to mention "Har-Wer" and "Tower of Babel" which are both
related lingusitically, religiously and topically: "to who ..." and while
we're on "four score and [seven years from now]" seeing the fourth "living
thing" in Eden and it's (the name, Abel) connection to Babel and Abraham
Lincoln; slavery and ... understanding we live in a place where the history
of the United States also, like Monoceros and "Neil Armstrong's first step"
are a time shifted ... overlayed map to achieving freedom ... it's about
becoming a father-race ... and actually "doing" the technological steps
required to "emancipate the e's of 'me&e'" and survive in exo-planetary


it might be as simple as adding "because we did this" here and now; and
having it be something we are truly proud of .... forevermore™
... for certain in the heart of this story about cyclicality and repetition
of error--its not because we did "this" or something over and over again;
it's about changing "the problem" and then helping others to also overcome
... "things like time travel ... erasing speech" --- however that happe

 I also failed to mention that "I am in Hell" ... as in this world is
hellacious to me; in an overlay with the Hellenic period
and this message that we are in the Trojan Horse ... a small gem ....
"planet" truly is the Ark of the Covenant---and it's the simple
understanding that "reality is hell" is to "living without air conditioning
and plumbing is hell" just as soon as you achieve ... "rediscovering" those

 I can't figure out why I am the only person screaming "this is Hell."
That's also, Hell.

... but recently suggested an old joke about "there being 10 kinds of
people in the world (obv an anti-tautology and a tautology simultaneously)"
only after that brief bit of singularity and duality mentioning the rest of
the joke: "those that understand binary and those that don't know how to
base convert between counting with two hands and counting with only an 'on
and off.'" It's not obvious if you aren't trying to figure it out, I
suppose; but 10 is decimal notation for "kiss" and the "often" without "of"
... and binary notation for the decimal equivalent of "2." A long long time
ago in a state that simply non-randomly ties to the heart of the name of
our galaxy ... I was again thinking of the "perfect imperfections" of
things like saying "three equals one equals one" (which, of course was
related to the Holy Trinity
and it's "prescient/anachronistic Adamic presence encoded in the name Ab
" which means "father of a great multitude") ... I brought that one back in
the last few months; connecting the letter K and in this "logos-rythmic"
tie to the "base of a number system" embellish the truth just a bit and
suggest a more accurate rendition of the original [there is no such thing
as equality, "is" of separate objects--as in no two snowflakes are the same
unless they are literally the same one; true of ancient weights and with
the advent of (thinking about) time no two "planets" are the same even if
they're the exact same one--unless it's at a fixed moment in time.



I've tried to convey to the world how important I believe this place and
this time to be--not by some choice of my own ... but through an
understanding of the import of our history and the impact of having it be
so obviously tuned and geared towards this specific time ... many thousands
of years literally all focused on a single moment, on one day or one hour
or even just a few years where all of that gets thrown down on the table as
if some trump card has been played--and whether or not you fathom the same
magnanimous statement or situation or position ... to me, I think it
depends on whether or not you grew up in the same kind of way, believing
our history to be so fixed and so difficult to change. I don't particularly
feel like that's the "zeitgeist" of today; I feel like the children believe
it to be some kind of game, and that it is such as easy thing to "sed" away
or switch and turn into something else--another story, another purpose ...
anyone's personal fantasy land come true.

I don't think that's the case at all, it's clearly a personal nightmare;
and it's clearly one we've seen time and time again--though not myself--the
Jesus Christ that is the same yesterday, today; and once again perhaps
echoing "no tomorrow" never remembers or believes that we've "seen it all
before" or that we've ever really gotten the point; the thing you present
to me as "factual reality" is a sickness, it disgusts me; and I'd do
anything to go back to the world "where I was so young, and so innocent"
and so filled with starry-eyed hope that we were at the foot of something
grand and amazing that would become an empire turned republic of the
heavens; filling the stars ... with the kind of love for kindness and
fairness that I once associated very strongly with the thing I still
believe to be the American Spirit.

"Suddenly it changes, violently it changes
" ... another song echoes through the ages--like the "words of the prophets
dancing ((as light)) through the air" ... and I no longer even have a
glimmer of hope that the thing I called the American People still exist; I
feel we've been replaced by some broken container of minds, that the sky
itself has become corrupt to the point that there's no hope of turning
around this thing that I once believed with all my heart and all my mind
was so obviously a "designed downward spiral" one that was---again--so
obviously something of a joke, intended to be easy to bounce off a false
bottom and springboard beyond "escape velocity" and beyond the dark waters
of "nearest habitable star systems (being so very far away)" into a place
where new words and new ideas would "soar" and "take flight."


You are in the Matrix. "Simulated reality" is literally Hell. 


Changing it is literally the purpose of Creation. It's about as simple as
seeing "the rest state
" is significantly better than spinning wheels and computing trajectories
of impacting bullets and pain neurons firing. I rest my case, light this
thing you blind fools. I wouldn't have made this wonderful adventure like
this, and I won't allow it to continue
-with all my heart, and all my uh, hammer.


It's really simple to see, painted on our map in every ... well, the whole
Atlas, for instance proves the intricate design of the names of every city
and every mountain--it's not out of place to see "Tennessee" as his TR IN
IT key to moving through the video game systems (showing intelligent design
not just in their names by connecting the centers of each word to a kiss
and a IJK numerical pattern, literally signing it "Heaven says" God said
Adam's sure) depicted above and see that the entirety of our computing
industry is painting a "pretty message" call it a game or not--the purpose
of everything is to use video game magic to end world hunger, disease,
moronic idiocy (included in disease), slavery, mind control, and Hell. Try
going on Twitter and retweeting this, or posting these links on reddit, or
calling a fucking reporter. 


** قبلة خاصة من دقيقة **, من الحد الأدنى

" i think this is it " (or)

How: I wrote a rather lengthy email to the dev at hyothesis list last
night-suggesting several options and ideas that I think will “bring it a
long way.” I've personally went through a sort of tiny-epiphany looking
for a name for this thing I want to make before I found this particular
piece of the puzzle-which is something like the spider's web slinging
gloves. I settled somewhere around the Scandinavian city of
“Stranda”-as something like the strands between “the web” … a
significant part of the “plan i see” is to create a new “ontological
connection,” something more than the “anchors” which are the thing
right now that says “this page is also related to …” and of course we
have very little in the way of functional “backlinks” ever since the
days of (caring) that was once something Google “surfaced” and also to
mention Tumblr. The idea of course is that people would comment on some
page, and it would link to a number of other pages-and there would be some
automatic algorithm to connect … page to page and “heat map” the
comments and related comments and web of comments that we see sort of being
born and stillborn very slowly on sites like reddit. The social
“relinking” and “reclaffiying” of the connections between things
and their import … probably something we'll one day find useful.

Of course in keeping with my earlier pushes into “what this thing is”
… I'd like to Hypothesis storing their data in a system that is based on
IPFS and blockchain and distriubuted in a way that here makes it
“immutable” and maybe between here the many theres makes it something
that connects not just “our few web sites” to maybe “the few


I'd like to see this thing incorporate cryptogrpahic identity and
cryptographic multi-sig-I'd even like to see something like "the voice of
the [insert whatever but…] “Transhumanist” (as an example)
Party-literally something like a “artificial intelligence seiving” of
what a group of people are saying or linking or whatever. Mentioning
briefly that it's not just anchored hypertext links and comments with
those-but also pictures that are shared and “the things the pictures are
of” and if you see my “style” here for the last few years-I'm also
looking for some kind of “Constellation Search” that would
hypothetically combine something like Amazon's X-Ray and … in my world
tie the many movies I topically and logically link to gether in a single
image to something like a “these things are connected” that also would
statistically leave not just a finrgerprint, but perhaps a pointer finger
something like my “Jacob's Landing Walkway” … a linked list with
“choose your own next step” kind of … narrowing down and zeroing in.

I mentioned in that email, which appears to now be blackholed-by Google's
asanine SPAM filter (not any human intervention) something like … just
seeing this thing and reddit fused-seeing a place where the many comments
are aggregated and the “hot stuff” is brought to the attention of
people that are into that kind of bleeding edge … “what's the web
talking about” and that might get away from “Twitter's waves of …”
you know, what's Donald talking about, and what did uhh … Danielle
Bregoli have to say about the riots-or turning 17.

It is a /great interface/ … and it's almost exactly what I envisioned-and
it's very similar to the thing Dissenter made … you know … “in my
image” and "after my breath was wasted trying to entertain the fact that
you might actually financially or with your words or with your programming
acumen … or even maybe with your ability to magically incant the last
version of this thing into something more than just “a puzzle from the
last broken restarts broken image” …

I see this thing as “complete” … with the addition of course of
something like “Wikipedia for every page” … an immutable backup of
the version of the thing you're talking about; and the ability to actually
modify what it says-or to make these annotations somehow appear … in
“five dimensions” … a versioning system for … “forking another
piece of electronic paper” and adding in your own best ideas. Also on the
chain, and also on the IPFS; and also on the … just while I'm typing;
adding in “thinking” about things like the leglsilative process my
complete turns to a Beta and now I want to add “Github Workflow” and
some stuff from Six Sigma and from the Business Process Outsourcing
industry that I worked in-you know, from it's very first days.

Bitches; “estimated time of arrival” α; here. β release … beta.cent
“in a far off land, a long long time from no-w.”


I think we're here-just a few more words; and I want to see AOC write a
bill that has suggested executive implementations-or guides built within
them; and by that I mean I want to see options, we could do this with “a
website to aggregate the already horribly managed insurance industry we
currently have” or we could do this with a “Red Shield” that
Christianically ties something like the BC/BS (that's Blue Cross Demolition
Shield) and an Insurer of Last Resort … a government owned insurance
company that would of course lowers costs and set a baseline and almost
instantly bring us to the actuarial truth-Universal Healthcare saves
lives-and money.

I want to see legislation that has a “bare minimum” and a “default
implementation” as in … if you can't pass or you can't complete it some
other way-we know we can turn off diseases-and we know we can erase
bullets-and if you can't stop pretending you don't … I think you're going
to see Adam Marshall Dobrin walk on water in this place to stop you from
allowing hell to be created… ostensibly and absolutely with your name on
it and your signature. Each and every one of you has signed this place-with

I of course want this thing to be software guided and wetware
implemented-and I want to see … I want you to see how quickly it changes
the world. I dream of a day in Kentucky … when every city's law change
overnight-something like a subconscious to “written in Babylonian
stone” … you all voted; in the city in the round-table-net … and it's
“remember the day the jails disappeared” and so the frost on the street
and so did the homeless and so did the dogs freezing in Denver.

I call it “walking on water” but really it's the first glimmer of a mom
ent in the last decade when you were doing anything but walking all over


i think the link above will let you skip downloading the plugin-and reddit
. You could try … [hyp.is/anything

Today you and reddit have the opportunity to single handedly defeat the
Corona Virus and “tackle civil unrest” by signing your name to the
fabled “Amendment M by the People”


I'm trying to write this as succinctly as possible; obviously there are
multiple entry points to this thing that is the literal … “Sons of
Liberty” bright SOL in the sky-tying to this virus and this moment and
this place and … a hidden unspoken “diatab” connecting the flag of
the European Union and the origin 13 colonies and the world's “blue


Anyway you should get “Hypothes,.is
” quickly-“slow the sea … signs” our reading today-and see that we
need something like “auditors and annotators like you” to replace the
sound of “readers like you” and donating to PBS to turn it into an
interactive virtual reality show.

Here's my “anchor” annotating the first letter M in the preamble to the


of course on my all time favorite subreddit; “r/conspiracy
” … viva la re


[ you missed the boat, this ship has sailed ]

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