UNITED NATION accessatmcarddept at gmail.com
Tue Jun 16 12:17:34 UTC 2020

*From. Mr.António Manuel de Oliveira Guterres, GCL GCC.*

*UN secretary-General.*

*United Nations Headquarters,*

*New York, NY 10017, USA*

*Attn: Beneficiary,*

*                                    RE: THE RELEASE OF YOUR FUNDS*

*Refer to the recent United Nations (UN) abd Africa Union (AU) nominees
national executive council meeting with the Chairperson of Africa Union Mr.
Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, African heads of banks, heads of Ministries of
Finance and African heads of states in collaboration with foreign
representatives, petitions were presented to the executives by the foreign
representatives regarding none contracts, Lottery, Compensation and
inheritance payment release of their citizens despite all efforts and money
spent, rather, they are being scammed/defrauded by banks, persons and
ministries in Africa/Europe, Asian and America, mostly, United Kingdom,
Dubai, Ghana, Nigeria and Togo. To this, the African Union leaders in
agreement with the UNITED NATION Secretary General (SG), African heads of
states and banks Directors/Governors mandated/approved ORABANK BENIN
REPUBLIC as the ONLY authorized bank to carry out all unpaid beneficiary

*This approval was given as a result of ORABANK goop records,
professionalism, and fairness and diligent.Working in line with
international best business practice.*

*You are therefore advice to contact the bank via this email address
(fatmdept at gmail.com <fatmdept at gmail.com>) and they will respond to you via
their officially EMAIL ADDRESS for the release of your unpaid US$15.5M
contracts, inheritance, compensation and lottery funds which has stood in
the balance for so many years.*

*Take note, this authorization, mandate/approval given to the bank doesn't
in any way affect the bank from following the banking process/due process
for the release of your funds. You are advised to cooperate with the bank
for your payment final release.*

*Thanks for your cooperation and understanding.*

*You’re faithfully,*

*António Guterres,*
*The Secretary General (SG).*

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