MRS PENDEV nami at 2gigi.xyz
Thu Jun 18 05:15:33 UTC 2020

Dear Mr/Mrs;

How are you doing?? Please kindly permit me to share this information with you.

Our company as a brand is expanding its global presence by investing in projects outside Gulf Region/ Europe / Asia /Australia in the form of debt finance. I strongly believe you have a project or projects that requires funding. We are here to partner with you to achieve your goal.

1. Minimum Funding Amount: 1 Million USD
2. Maximum Funding Amount: 100 Billion USD
3. Placement Opens to: Entrepreneurs, Corporations and Investors
4. Funding Type:Debt Funding(100%)
5. ROI(Return on Investment): 4%
6. Duration of Loan: Up to 10 years - Renewable tenure
7. We finance 100% of the total project cost
8. We finance both ongoing and fresh projects.

Details of our activities will be shared with you as soon as you get back to me.

Best regards,

Mrs Anita Pendev

E-mail: {ani_pendev.sgonlinegroup at aol.com


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