[ovs-dev] __Experian Breach Alert: Your Scores May Have Changed Yesterday__

CreditStation creditstation at diversionmad.xyz
Sat Jun 20 00:33:07 UTC 2020

Sent to: dev at openvswitch.org

Sent on: June 19, 2020

Your June 2020 Equifax, Transunion, & Experian reports may have received (2) new derogatory marks. 

Your scores can be viewed for free using the link below (Using this link will NOT negatively impact or alter your score in anyway. )

See Your Score http://www.diversionmad.xyz/2874s2395a86iP12Rkw5dzaT117z20nHI5fstIr5w6bxGaEsvZ6JdUoKe7Q1I0VAg6y2@PHD/Riley-progressions

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