[ovs-dev] So much for the wall!

Lily Campbell lily_campbell at yoshio.site
Mon Jun 22 14:29:34 UTC 2020

Maybe you heard the news report. . .  the Democrats are taking aim at Concealed Carry Permits like this site promotes. Currently the #1 CCW Permit available today is in the crossfire of New Lawmakers that want to abolish our rights to carry! Luckily, it's still very easy to Download Your Certification here. 

Gun Control is back and in a way that could change your right to carry a gun forever. . . 

Luckily this Concealed Carry Certification site is still up and legal citizens of the US can download the multi-state Permit Certification Today. 

Not Available to Illegal Immigrants
Not Available to Illegal Drug Users
Not Available to Felons
Basically, every law-abiding US Resident can download it now.  All you have to do is prove you know some basic gun safety rules and its Yours if You Want it. . .  This fast-track Online Permit Certification Process was once only available to the military until recent Pro-Gun laws changed. 

Now civilians, just like active and retired military, can Fast Track their Concealed Carry Permit Processing by Certifying Online at this Site.  You don't even have to own or fire a gun to qualify!

Remember this one thing. . . 

Nothing this Simple will Last Forever.  Government Regulations are Sure to Make this Multi-State CCW Obsolete Very Soon. . . 

This site might not be available tomorrow, so get yours now while there's still time. 

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