[ovs-dev] Good Morning From Miss Nidal Aoussa.

Miss Nidal Aoussa caroline.tagro31 at yahoo.com
Fri Jun 26 07:35:27 UTC 2020

Hello Dear,

I am very sorry that my letter may come as a surprise to you since we have never met each other before. I am Miss Nidal Aoussa. I am the only daughter of Cheikh Ag Aoussa, the President of (HCUA) in Mali who was assasinated on the octobre 2016.


I have a business transaction which i solicit your help. It is all about a fund to be transferred in your country for urgent investment on important projects. I want you to guide me and invest this money in your country. This fund amount to Eleven Millions Five Hundred Thousand United States dollars which i inherited from my late dad.. If you are capable of handling or participate in this transaction, kindly respond quickly through my private emails to enable me give you more details about this fund and how this project shall be carried out. I will accord you 20% of the total fund for your kind assistance. Respond through my private emails addresses.

Miss Nidal Aoussa
Email: ( nidal.kong2020 at gmail.com )

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