[ovs-dev] OVS needs to release new stable versions.

Ilya Maximets i.maximets at ovn.org
Fri Jun 26 10:18:37 UTC 2020

Hi everyone.

We have a big pile of important fixes in branch-2.13 after the official release.
However, we never released any stable version on that branch after 2.13.0 tag
in February.  This significantly impacts people who uses OVN with the latest
stable release of Open vSwitch, which is 2.13.0, because they doesn't have
important bug fixes for RAFT implementation at least.  There are also important
IDL, conntrack, HW offloading and other fixes.  46 patches in total.

So, I think it makes much sense to make a stable release somewhere soon.

One point here is that Intel is going to finish validation of latest stable
DPDK releases (e.g. 19.11.3) in a couple of weeks.  Patches will be submitted
for OVS to recommend these new versions.  So, it might be a good time to
release OVS stable 2.13.1 (and, probably, on other branches too) right after

We discussed this topic a little bit on OVS with DPDK public meeting and also on
OVN public IRC meeting.

Ben, Justin, what do you think?

After writing above text I looked closely to older branches and the situation
is a bit worse:

 - branch-2.13:
     Last release              : 2.13.0      Sep 2019
     N patches since           : 46
 - branch-2.12:
     Last release              : 2.12.0      Sep 2019
     N patches since           : 115
 - branch-2.11:
     Last release              : 2.11.4      Sep 2019
     N patches since           : 49
     Last release with git tag : 2.11.2
     Missed tags on releases   : 2.11.3, 2.11.4
 - All previous branches:
     Last release              : 2.[5-10].X  Sep 2019
     N patches since           : 10-41

So, what is the proposed plan:

  1. We should add missed git tags to 2.11.3 and 2.11.4 releases.

     Ben could you, please, take care of this? (Alternatively, I could do that,
     but I'm not sure what with the keys to sign tags and how this key
     management handled these days since the collapse of web of trust.)

  2. Next step is to wait for DPDK stable releases validation with OVS,
     prepare and apply patches to recommend these new stable DPDK releases.

     Ian, this part is mostly on you, I guess? :)

  3. Prepare patches for OVS stable releases for all branches starting from
     branch-2.5 and apply them.  Create, sign and push tags.

     Ben, I know you handled this part last time.  What is the preferred way?
     Someone else could prepare patches and send for review, I guess.

  4. Update relevant docs outside of openvswitch main repository (web-site,
     wiki, etc.)

P.S.: We should, probably, do some periodic checks on released branches and
make stable releases a bit more frequently.  For example, we could make regular
stable release every few months in case we have fixes on top of the previous
release.  I could keep monitoring things and ping people, but this might be
better to have some plan, I think.

Best regards, Ilya Maximets.

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