[ovs-dev] OpenFlow Experimenter ID

Luke Hengstenberg lukehengstenberg at gmail.com
Sun Jun 28 15:28:01 UTC 2020

Hi there,
Hoping someone on the mailing list can share their expertise regarding the
use of OpenFlow experimenter.
For my SDN related masters thesis to work I need to make a substantial
number of extensions to OpenFlow. These extensions are necessary to define
new messages, actions etc sent between the floodlight controller and OVS
In the OpenFlow documentation an “Experimenter ID” is needed which is said
to be either a vendors IEEE OUI or assigned by the ONF. As an MSc student I
do not have a valid IEEE OUI to generate this ID from and am yet to receive
a response from the ONF regarding assignment of my own ID.
Would use of an “unofficial” Experimenter ID that I choose myself work as
long as I change the configuration files in the controller and switches or
will a bad Experimenter error always be thrown?
Should I try different ID’s until one works or is it better to cut my
losses and change the focus of my masters?
I need to find out if a work around is possible so I do not waste any more
time on this.
Thank you for any responses.
Kind regards,

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