[ovs-dev] dev, Regarding availability of funds

Adeline Perrelli adeline_perrelli at medusablaster.fun
Mon Jun 29 23:52:39 UTC 2020

Hi dev,

You can login at your own convenience to submit a funds request.  Login and follow the simple steps to complete your request. 

Login to Account http://www.medusablaster.fun/e034p2395Q8_V611qnl753C15er20aHI5fstIr5w6bxGaEsvZ6BdY9SQ5y1RV06SkOHTD/captivates-bisected

If you have any questions, please let us know and we will get back to you. 

optout-footer. png http://www.medusablaster.fun/6bf4r2395X8haq11Y7lU54v15eU20KHI5fstIr5w6bxGaEsvZ6udY9SQ6hWJ1i05V30HD/morsels-nebulous

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