[ovs-dev] 29/02/2020 .....Commission

P.P.UNIT admin at mosonass.ga
Sun Mar 1 15:30:13 UTC 2020

Good day
 I am in position and control of Numbered Time Deposit under NON-DISCLOSURE ACT of Sixty Million USD ($60 Million USD) investment fund with 15% yearly management fee and 30% commission.
 NOTE: view this link for more information on this transaction or type in your browser or google Gaddafi Money in South Africa
 This fund will be moved as investment fund to your facility under legitimate Bank to bank transfer transactions. It is solid and you will be happy with the deal and its set up.
 I will give you full details of the funds, myself and how the transaction will proceed upon receipt of your reply along with your details indicting your interest to: pabe0001 at webmail.co.za
 Your sincerely.
 Paul Hadebe.

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