[ovs-dev] [PATCH] netdev-linux: Enable TSO in the TAP device.

William Tu u9012063 at gmail.com
Mon Mar 2 17:59:32 UTC 2020

On Sat, Feb 29, 2020 at 08:29:35PM -0300, Flavio Leitner wrote:
> Use ioctl TUNSETOFFLOAD if kernel supports to enable TSO
> offloading in the tap device.
> Fixes: 29cf9c1b3b9c ("userspace: Add TCP Segmentation Offload support")
> Reported-by: "Yi Yang (杨�D)-云服务集团" <yangyi01 at inspur.com>
> Tested-by: William Tu <u9012063 at gmail.com>
> Signed-off-by: Flavio Leitner <fbl at sysclose.org>
> ---

Thanks, I applied to master.

Currently there is no consistent way to test TSO.
So I tested your patch using
$ make check-system-tso

in this patch under review:


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