[ovs-dev] [PATCH v5] db-ctl-base: add uuid specified method for create cmd

0-day Robot robot at bytheb.org
Mon Mar 9 09:59:25 UTC 2020

Bleep bloop.  Greetings taoyunxiang at cmss.chinamobile.com, I am a robot and I have tried out your patch.
Thanks for your contribution.

I encountered some error that I wasn't expecting.  See the details below.

WARNING: Line is 198 characters long (recommended limit is 79)
#94 FILE: lib/db-ctl-base.xml:293:
    <dt>[<code>--id=@</code><var>name</var>] [<code>--row_uuid=</code><var>uuid</var>] <code>create</code> <var>table column</var>[<code>:</code><var>key</var>]<code>=</code><var>value</var>...</dt>

WARNING: Line is 90 characters long (recommended limit is 79)
#103 FILE: lib/db-ctl-base.xml:307:
        If <code></code><var>uuid</var> is specified, then the UUID for the new row may be

WARNING: Line is 93 characters long (recommended limit is 79)
#104 FILE: lib/db-ctl-base.xml:308:
        specified as expected.  Such references may precede or follow the <code>create</code>

WARNING: Line is 85 characters long (recommended limit is 79)
#164 FILE: lib/ovsdb-idl.c:4169:
                                        xasprintf(UUID_FMT, UUID_ARGS(&row->uuid))));

Lines checked: 187, Warnings: 4, Errors: 0

Please check this out.  If you feel there has been an error, please email aconole at redhat.com

0-day Robot

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