Marjolein Steinhage M.Steinhage at rai.nl
Sun Mar 15 05:18:09 UTC 2020

Good day to you

I am sincerely sorry for bugging your privacy, I am Mr.  Kim Jangil, Chief Risk Officer and Executive Director of OCBC Wing Hang Bank Limited (Hong Kong). I contacted you to seek assistance from you to stand as next of kin to my deceased client.

I will need your permission to present you as the owner of Forty-nine point five million dollars in my bank, since I am the only one aware of the funds due to my inquiries and I also want you to also invest the money in your country for both of us for mutual benefits that we will share in an agreed ratio.

I will provide you with all the necessary documents and details to implement this Agreement when I hear from you and please this should be kept confidential between YOU and ME. If you are interested, please kindly reply me via my personal email *jangkimofficial1 at email.ch* If you are not interested in, please delete this email.

Yours sincerely,
Mr. Kim Jangil.

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