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 e full time work can address a host of social challenges Some of the early research into it was framing it as procrastination, explains Dr Fuschia Sirois of the University of Sheffields Department of Psychology Workers need down time, but an 11 hour uninterrupted break is much too long Author image By Corinne Purtill 26th February 2020 W With a tank like continuous track and an angular arm reminiscent of the Pixar lamp, the lightweight PackBot robot was designed to seek out, defuse and dispose of the improvised explosive devices, or IEDs, that killed and injured thousands of coalition soldiers during the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan In fact, I call some of the routines I teach Meditation on Rocket Fuel because of the profound effect it has on calming the mind quickly and getting you to that place of no thought We're in a great place, we're confident and we're going to go down there and put our best foot forward, added McInally But some experts caution that while it might
  seem like an attractive option, it could also erode an important buffer between work and home that is already under siege

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