[ovs-dev] Pls read my message

B. Zanjani admin at mozadom.ml
Tue Mar 24 12:15:04 UTC 2020

My Name is Bahar Zanjani Siblings to 45 years old Babak Morteza Zanjani an Iranian billionaire and business magnate apprehended on 2013 sentenced to death penalty and partner to Jailed Iranian Diplomat Ali Reza Monfared.

My siblings Babak Morteza Zanjani was the managing director of the UAE-based Sorinet Group, one of Iran's largest business conglomerates from Tehran, Iran currently on death penalty .

Due to current sanctions and unrest in my country Iran , I am looking for a relationship with a business or individual in your country so that I can make some investments there.

Please, reply me so we can discuss further as you keep this privy .Thanks for your cooperation 

Bahar Zanjani

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