[ovs-dev] [PATCH v1 0/3] Add clang compiler and testsuite jobs for arm CI

Lance Yang Lance.Yang at arm.com
Mon Mar 30 12:54:00 UTC 2020

In order to increase CI coverage for arm, the patches enabled clang and
testsuite jobs (skipped some UT cases on arm temporarily) by modifying
the existing arm CI jobs. This does not add any extra jobs.

Lance Yang (1):
  [ovs-dev] [PATCH 3/3] Travis: Enable clang compiler and unit test for
    arm CI

Malvika Gupta (2):
  [ovs-dev] [PATCH 1/3] tests/atlocal.in: Add check for aarch64
  [ovs-dev] [PATCH 2/3] tests/testsuite: Skip failing UT cases on

 .travis.yml        |  9 ++++-----
 tests/atlocal.in   | 10 ++++++++++
 tests/bfd.at       |  1 +
 tests/ovsdb-idl.at |  1 +
 4 files changed, 16 insertions(+), 5 deletions(-)


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