[ovs-dev] Business loan/Debt financing

Loan Company ecpoortt at t-mobilethuis.nl
Tue Mar 31 22:40:52 UTC 2020


RE: Business loan/Debt financing

We are an established entity here in the Middle East with series of 
successfully closed deals and strong partnerships achieved by years of 
continuous diligence, trust and uninterrupted attention to our clients. 
We have financed various projects and ventures in different countries 
through our investment funds/venture capital.

We are now seeking to invest in various feasible projects from various 
sectors of the economy of different regions around the globe by offering 
commercial refinancing, purchase or bridge loans of between USD $1 
million to $100 Million only at 4% interest annually for a duration not 
more than 10 years.

We are basically seeking expansion strategy through diversified 
strategic partnership. We have a broad view on investment banking from 
expertise of our team. Based on the above information, we shall be glad 
to receive your Project Plan/Executive Summary in a compatible format 
(PDF -recommended) for our review. Reply if interested and have viable 
business proposal to present for funding.

Allah Bless,

Sheikh Zayed Hussein.
Chief Financial Officer

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