[ovs-dev] My business is drowning in fees. Inquiry about $24.99/mo unlimited CC processing

Anne Marie anne_marie at titaniummachinery.top
Wed Oct 14 01:42:21 UTC 2020

I wanted to ask about your business - 
Are you currently paying more than 0. 79% in  VISA/MC Credit Card Processing Fees?
Yes that includes interchange fees. 
Give me  3 minutes to explain your alternative.  

1) The only question that needs an answer:

How much is your Credit Card Processor charging you every month? 
  - Are you spending:  $500,  $1000,  $3000, or even more?

Your processor isn' t telling you  about all the available options.   Why are they hiding  the lower fee option?
  - Use the new laws - demand the alternative processing model. Were you aware?

2) Here' s your other option (according to US Law: 15 U. S.  Code § 1693o– 2)

We get our merchants running on the  new processing model:
Unlimited Flat-Fee Processing for only $24. 99  per month.   
  - Our businesses get unlimited credit card processing.  
  - Same price each month - thats for  unlimited transactions. 
  - We cover equipment fees - we start you off with a terminal no cost. 
  - We' ll be honest - no surprises, no hidden fees. 

Please do this now:  Click this link to reply - we only need a name and phone number to call. 

  September  2020 LIMITED Promotion:

3) Promo: First-Come-First-Serve (Waiting List Available):

Do you want an even better deal?  Email us. 
You still need more incentive?  Email us. 

Email us today - and here' s what we' re offering:

Free Equipment (Max 2x Terminals). 
30-Day Commitment Needed. 
No Cancellation Fees. 
Try Without Obligation. 

Click to send  a quick email:  I'm interested. 

Anne Lopez

(Image of our most popular equipment & processing terminals. )

4)  How does this payment process work?

Recent  US Law (15 U. S.  Code § 1693o– 2 | U. S.  Code)  places the responsibility for processing fees on the card holders.  Those paying with cash get a ' cash discount. ' Consumers  understand Covid19 is hurting businesses.   They want to support you.   Consumer reports studies have shown that 98. 2% of customers had no issues at purchase time.   There is a reason  why businesses love this!

5)  What steps do I need to take?

1) Don' t cancel your current processor. 
2) Place our new terminal right next to your old one. 
3) Try us out, risk free, no obligation, no time limit. 
4) If you' re not happy, we' ll come get our equipment. 


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