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Inspection Division, FBI Headquarters.


The FBI is monitoring the coronavirus situation very closely. Our priority is the wellbeing of American citizens and to ensure the safety of people of the world.

As the world continues to change with uncertainty, the United States Department and International Government Organizations are responding with Financial Aid globally. With courtesy, the FBI wishes to inform you about your source of funding and about your Eligibility to have been granted great Financial Relief in tune of $15.5 million USD. The ESAAMLG held its 39th Task Force of Senior Officials and 19th Council of Ministers Meetings in British, Great Britain of the United Kingdom on 26-29 March, 2020.

More than 300 delegates from the 18 ESAAMLG Member Countries as well as representatives of Cooperating and Supporting Nations and Organizations, such as DRC, the UK, USA, FBI, the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) Secretariat, the World Development Bank, the COMESA, the German Development Agency (GIZ), the IMF, the SADC, the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime and the United Nations 1267 Sanctions Monitoring Team attended the meetings.

The Vice-President of the FATF, Dr Marcus Pleyer also attended the meetings. Hosted by Queen Elizabeth II, of the United Kingdom and 15 other Commonwealth realms., with support of the United States Jurisdiction. ESAAMLG members took this opportunity to also mark the 21 years of existence of the organization since it was launched in Arusha, Tanzania in August 1999. A special report which highlights the major achievements of the organization was issued to commemorate this event.

Convened twice a year, the ESAAMLG meetings are designed to facilitate discussions among delegates from Member States and observers on a number of issues in relation to AML/CFT matters. The ESAAMLG Plenaries also provide an opportunity for the delegates to address pertinent issues that require a concerted and harmonized approach in the effective implementation of Anti-Money Laundering and Counter Financing of Terrorism (AML/CFT) measures and Financial Relief Grant Funding's.

As an experience sharing platform, the plenary sessions also provide an opportunity to establish partnerships among experts, representatives of Member States, technical partners and observers in AML/CFT. During the meetings, the 2nd Round Mutual Funds Disbursal Report of the United States and Progress/Follow Up Reports of 12 member countries including the Follow up Reports with Re-ratings of UK, Switzerland, Thailand and Germany were considered.

Part of the plenary meeting also included considering the 2020 Technical Financial Assistance Response with "$15.5 million" to each of the (50) persons randomly selected worldwide, in order for them and their various regions to be able to navigate the present unprecedented challenges.

The Heads of FIUs Meeting and FIU Forum, Working Group on Risk, Compliance and Financial Inclusion, the Budget, Finance and Audit Committee as well as the closed session of the Steering Committee. The typologies studies on “Procurement Corruption in the Public Sector and Associated Money Laundering in the ESAAMLG Region” presented by the RTMG were also approved at the Council’s meeting.

NOTICE: During the third meeting, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) was appointment to handle the secured cash disbursements in the value sum of ($15.5 million USD).

As a matter of fact, we are certified to let you know that your “Global Grant Benefit” Shall be delivered to you in cash, as it is already sealed and locked in a; “3D METALLIC CONSIGNMENT BOX” for your favor and we the FBI are bringing the Consignment Box to you, but after you prove your Eligibility by taken care of your ANTI-MONEY LAUNDERING Licensed tax alone.

To get started, kindly reconfirm your current  details below;

Tel. Numbers:
Emails & ID card:

As a fiduciary with complex responsibilities, the FBI believes it is fundamental to have a robust and transparent governance framework, so we look forward to welcoming you as one of our own.

As the United States and the world deal with the ongoing pandemic, the FBI’s national security and criminal investigative work continues. Use the resources on this page to help keep yourself and your family safe from these and other threats. Protect Yourself, your family, and your wallet from Pandemic Scammers and from emerging crimes against children and financial scams related to the COVID-19 crisis.

Reporting Crime,Report COVID-19 Fraud, if you are a victim of a scam or attempted fraud involving COVID-19, you can: you can report suspicious activities and crime by contacting your local FBI office 24 hours a day, seven days a week;

You can also submit a tip electronically at tips.fbi.gov.
Report it to the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center at ic3.gov
Contact your local FBI field office or submit a tip online at tips.fbi.gov
Contact the National Center for Disaster Fraud hotline at 866-720-5721 or
online at justice.gov/DisasterComplaintForm.

To successfully stay in the position of your Grant, contact our Special Agent Team with the contacts below, and the FBI will appoint a Special Agent that will see you through the genuine guideline.

Time is of essence to get your COVID19 Grant funds benefit. Your feedbacks are very important to us, they will help us serve you better. Thank you.

In God I put my Trust In.

Special Agent Team.
FBI Headquarters (FBIHQ).
FBI Washington Field Office.
The Counter-Terrorism Division.

CALL FBI: +1 (818) 900-2402
Email: fbifeedbackemail at stayhome.li / fbimail at ex.ua

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