[ovs-dev] From Mrs. Roonie Holbrook !!

Mrs. Roonie Holbrook n.saffar at doe.ir
Sun Oct 18 22:52:55 UTC 2020


Nice day and Congratulations !!!.

You are qualified for the IMFC Covid 19 grant of $750,000.00 
dollars to support the people in your community. Now respond to 
details to claim your money.

You are directed to contact the below Office of Paymaster General 
immediately through his contact details below:

Mr. Williams Fox
Email: claim.dept at mail2finance.com 

This is to avoid mistake while transferring your overdue payment 
to you, You have to forward to him below details of yours to 
start processing your payment file and this ref: 
Your Full Name:
Your Contact Address:
Telephone and Fax Number:
Kindly get back to Mr. Williams Fox  as soon as possible so that 
he will direct you on what to do for the claims through our 
Affiliated Bank.

Best regards

Mrs. Roonie Holbrook
IMFC Grant Claim Department
Email: imfc at mail2washington.com

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