[ovs-dev] Conference call

Emma Johnson info at ceoannualmeet.info
Tue Oct 20 14:41:39 UTC 2020

Are you interested to get qualified leads and customer queries for
your business?
Option 1:10 Leads generated from email marketing to your target
audience at $1,000
Option 2:10 Scheduled appointments from Tele calling to your target
audience at $1,500
We have targeted database from your industry and we just need your
service/sales pitch, we will create an email pitch and tele calling
script. Share with you before we start sending that to your target
audience to generate Leads or queries.
Please reply to this email if wish to know more about this Lead
generation. Also if you can share your target audience details like
titles/industry/location or type of audience you target for your
Emma Johnson
Lead generation Team
+1-(678) 745-8385
Email Marketing Inc

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