[ovs-dev] Is the Open Flow switch able to calculate the gap of sequence number

Soliman Awad Alshra´a Abdullah TU Ilmenau Abdullah.Alshraa at tu-ilmenau.de
Fri Oct 23 14:38:06 UTC 2020

Dear All,
First of all , I apologize if I send my inquiry to the wrong Email list

I have read in some publication

OpenFLow switch is able to keep track of the sequence number of each traffic flow to detect MAC spoofing attack. Upon reception of a frame, the algorithm calculates the gap G between the sequence number of the current frame and that of the last frame received from the same source address. If G = 0, the current frame is considered as a re-transmitted frame, while if G = 1 or G = 2, the current frame is considered the right one. But, if the gap between the current frame and previous frame is in between 3 and 4096, then it is considered an abnormal sequence number.

In my case, I use Ryu Controller and I would like to do the same work, where the switch sends the alert to the controller after the switch detects the gap.

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