[ovs-dev] [PATCH ovn] system-ovn.at: Make ECMP test case more resilient.

Dumitru Ceara dceara at redhat.com
Wed Sep 2 07:56:43 UTC 2020

It's not easy to predict how OVS datapath flows exactly look so it's
better to avoid matching on exact ct_label masks.

E.g., on some runs of the "ECMP symmetric reply" test the datapath
flows are installed as:

On other runs the flows are installed as:

Both versions are equivalent but the test only accepts the first one.

Fixes: 4fdca656857d ("Add ECMP symmetric replies.")
Signed-off-by: Dumitru Ceara <dceara at redhat.com>
 tests/system-ovn.at | 4 ++--
 1 file changed, 2 insertions(+), 2 deletions(-)

diff --git a/tests/system-ovn.at b/tests/system-ovn.at
index 40ba6e4..81f9332 100644
--- a/tests/system-ovn.at
+++ b/tests/system-ovn.at
@@ -5235,10 +5235,10 @@ icmp,orig=(src=,dst=,id=<cleared>,type=8,code=0),reply=(src=10
 # Ensure datapaths show conntrack states as expected
 # Like with conntrack entries, we shouldn't try to predict
 # port binding tunnel keys. So omit them from expected labels.
-AT_CHECK([ovs-appctl dpctl/dump-flows | grep 'ct_state(+new-est-rpl+trk).*ct(.*label=0x.*00000401020400000000/0xffffffffffffffff00000000)' -c], [0], [dnl
+AT_CHECK([ovs-appctl dpctl/dump-flows | grep 'ct_state(+new-est-rpl+trk).*ct(.*label=0x.*00000401020400000000/.*)' -c], [0], [dnl
-AT_CHECK([ovs-appctl dpctl/dump-flows | grep 'ct_state(-new+est+rpl+trk).*ct_label(0x.*00000401020400000000/0xffffffffffffffff00000000)' -c], [0], [dnl
+AT_CHECK([ovs-appctl dpctl/dump-flows | grep 'ct_state(-new+est+rpl+trk).*ct_label(0x.*00000401020400000000/.*)' -c], [0], [dnl

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