[ovs-dev] power transmisson parts

Jarson campbelljing at aliyun.com
Tue Sep 8 12:54:14 UTC 2020

What we have:
Shaft collar:Set collar/Split collar,Steel/Stainless steel/Aluminum/Plastic
Rigid coupling: Solid/Clamp,Steel/Stainless steel/Aluminum
Locking device: TLK/RCK/KTR/PRL
Sheaves/Pulleys: AK,BK,2AK,2BK......American Standard Pulleys
Bushing and Hubs: QD/B.M./Taper Lock
Sprocket: platewheel/QD bore/BS bore/Conveyor sprocket 78X......
Customize Machined parts: counterweight,handwheel......
We also supply Bearing,Roller Chains,Drill Bits,Hardware and Fasteners.

Fast Delivery, lower cost.
Thanks and Have a great day!

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