[ovs-dev] [OVN] failed to connect 5K networks to 5K routers

Tony Liu tonyliu0592 at hotmail.com
Wed Sep 9 16:30:31 UTC 2020


Here is what I did.

#1 Create 5K networks, 5K routers and 1 provider/physical network.
All resources are created in NB and translated to SB properly.

#2 Connect 5K routers to provider network.
All resources are created and updated in NB properly, but SB
is not fully updated.

I did 3 snapshots of NB, snapshot-init that has no resource,
snapshot-1 and snapshot-2 after each of above two steps.

I restored snapshot-init to NB, SB is not restored because northd
didn't work properly, so I manually clean up SB.

I restored snapshot-1 to NB, SB is fully updated fairly quick.

I restored snapshot-2 to NB, SB got partial update only.

I am still with 20.03...

When restore snapshot-1, does northd read all resources from NB
and translate them to SB as one-shot or there are multiple

When restore snapshot-2, does northd take lots more time to
translate than snapshot-1?

When restore snapshot-2, controller on gateway chassis is also
involved to update local OVSDB and chassis port status in SB.
Could that be affecting the translation from NB to SB?

Is upgrading to 20.06 going to help on this?


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