[ovs-dev] Refactoring northd processing into separate functions

anton.ivanov at cambridgegreys.com anton.ivanov at cambridgegreys.com
Fri Sep 11 09:36:13 UTC 2020

This patchset refactors processing of logical flows for the lrouter
part in ovn-northd into a set of functions.

This improves the maintainability of the code and is intended as
a step towards the long term goal is to do this in parallel
in multiple threads.

Even if processing never moves to that model, splitting the gigantic
build_lrouter_flows and build_lswitch_flows blobs into more more
maintainable bits should make them easier to maintain.

This version addresses concerns by I. Maximets that constantly
allocating/deallocating match and actions may have effect on performance.
They are now passed as a scratchpad to the functions which need them.

This version contains only the build_lrouter changes. build_lswitch
will be sent in a separate series to make it easier to review. 



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