[ovs-dev] OVS-DPDK : Need Clarification on 1K flows per port test

Pallela Venkat Karthik pallela.venkatkarthik at vvdntech.com
Wed Sep 16 06:35:17 UTC 2020

Hi OVS Team

We are trying to evaluate OVS-DPDK performance on an x86 system and
referring the below document to replicate the same setup

Table 7-8 discusses having added 1K OVS flows per port and we could not
find any references in the document explaining which all 1K flows are used
here in the testing.
Could you please help us in answering below:

 1. Is single ovs flow applicable for different IP based traffic (ie 1k
different packet flows)
 2, If above is not true than what all 1k ovs flows are added to obtain
this performance as reported in document

Venkat Karthik


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