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Joy Nelson joy.nelson30 at yahoo.com
Thu Sep 24 14:32:13 UTC 2020

Dear Beloved in Christ,

I am Mrs. Joy Nelson from London, 68 years old, I am married to Mr. Daniel Nelson. He was a contractor with the Ivory Coast Government for eleven years before he died in 2014 after a brief illness that lasted only four days, We were married for twenty-seven years with no child,

Dear Sir or Madam, I will contact you to inform you of my wish to donate the sum of 4,500,000.00 EURO, which I inherited from my late husband. It is my wish to see this money invested in any organization of your choice in your country and distributed every year to charities, motherless baby homes, schools, support for homeless men and women or whatever you have in mind. that will benefit the less fortunate

Currently, at the time of death, I was very ill from cancer and the one that bothers me most is my stroke. Recently my doctor said I won't last the next four months, so I made this decision because I don't have any child who will inherit this money even if I die and I don't want this fund to be invested in ungodly ways .

As soon as I receive your response confirming your consent to work as per the instructions, I will provide you with all the relevant information authorizing the release and transfer of funds to you as my duly assigned representative.

Assured me that you will act accordingly as I said in this massage, hoping to get your answer soon.

your sister in Christ,
Mrs. Joy Nelson

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