[ovs-dev] [PATCH ovn 2/4] system-ovn.at: Use ADD_BR macro instead of bare ovs-vsctl.

Dumitru Ceara dceara at redhat.com
Fri Jun 4 15:03:34 UTC 2021

On 6/4/21 4:50 PM, Mark Gray wrote:
> On 03/06/2021 16:05, Dumitru Ceara wrote:
>> This ensures the datapath type is properly set for the bridge.
> I don't understand how this causes a problem? Can you provide additional
> context?

br-int and br-ex are patched together by ovn-controller.  They must have
the same datapath type.  I.e., it won't work if br-int uses the netdev
(userspace) datapath and br-ext uses the system (kernel) datapath;
system is the default.

If you think it would help I can update the commit message in v2.


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