[ovs-dev] [PATCH ovn 0/4] Fix ovn-controller I-P for multicast groups and lport changes

Han Zhou hzhou at ovn.org
Mon Jun 7 05:33:29 UTC 2021

On Fri, Jun 4, 2021 at 6:56 AM Dumitru Ceara <dceara at redhat.com> wrote:
> On 5/28/21 9:23 PM, Han Zhou wrote:
> > The series fixes incremental processing for missing dependency handling
> > multicast group and logical port binding changes when computing logical
> > It also removes the workaround in northd that was required due to the
> > dependency handling. In addition, the fix also allows us to monitor all
DPGs as
> > an optimization, so it is also included in the series.
> >
> Hi Han,
> Thanks for working on fixing this!  I wonder however if there will be
> any performance impact due to the added resource references?  I didn't
> do any scale testing, did you have a chance to?
Hi Dumitru,

Thanks for the review. There is no performance impact noticed because the
port-binding reference is already tracked in the existing implementation
for lports used at outport/inport and is_chassis_resident. This fix mainly
changes the way how it is tracked (by name instead of DP keys). I admit
that there are some extra references added compared with existing
1. References for the lports that are not found
2. For lports that are used other than for
3. For MC groups (found or not found)

1) is the very few cases that do not matter for performance but matter for
correctness. 2) seems also rare, if exists at all. 3) shouldn't impact
performance either because the number of MC groups should be much smaller
than that of lports.
So I think the performance impact is negligible and if there is any cost it
is necessary for the correctness. I ran a test with 1k lswitches, 10k
lports and an ACL using half of the ports in a logical group (and address
set) and triggers full recompute - there is no performance difference

> As an alternative, maybe longer term though, would it make sense to use
> explicit references instead in the Southbound schema?  That would
> simplify the ovn-controller code and would rely on the IDL to propagate
> the change tracking to the flows that refer to multicast groups/port
> bindings/port groups.

I wonder if this is possible because the end user specifies the "match"
directly in an ACL, which can use port names. We will have to change the
ACL syntax to support it.
On the other hand, if we can generate lflows using references to SB
port-bindings or MC groups, we would be able to put the DP key in the lflow
directly, without the need for ovn-controller to parse the lport/mc-group
at all, so there is no reference needed, right?


> Regards,
> Dumitru

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