[ovs-dev] [PATCH ovn v2 2/5] ovn-controller: Fix incremental processing for multicast group dependency.

Dumitru Ceara dceara at redhat.com
Fri Jun 18 15:51:45 UTC 2021

On 6/11/21 9:35 PM, Han Zhou wrote:
> Multicast group changes are handled for physical flows in I-P, but not
> handled for logical flows. Although logical flow doesn't care about the
> content of a multicast group, the existance of it matters for logical
> flow processing. If the multicast group is not found when the logical
> flow is processed at first but laster it is created/monitored by
> ovn-controller, the logical flow that has been processed before should
> be reprocessed. This would avoid the workaound of ovn_lflow_add_unique()
> used in northd when adding multicast group related logical flows.
> Signed-off-by: Han Zhou <hzhou at ovn.org>
> ---

Acked-by: Dumitru Ceara <dceara at redhat.com>


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