[ovs-dev] [PATCH ovn v9 0/4] ARP and Floating IP Fixes

Mark Michelson mmichels at redhat.com
Wed Jun 30 23:56:28 UTC 2021

This patch series aims to fix issues seen in OpenStack deployments when
floating IPs were assigned to routers, and those floating IPs were not
part of any subnet configured on that router.

This series has gone through several transformations, but this
incarnation is a four patch series:

Patch 1 is a small cleanup in ovn-northd.c to factor out peer retrieval
into its own function.

Patch 2 alters northd to install logical flows to make it so that
routers can reach NAT and load balancer addresses on their neighbors
without the need to configure static routes or MAC bindings.

Patch 3 recognizes that patch 2 may not always be desired, so it makes
the behavior opt-in.

Finally, patch 4 addresses the situation for when the pre-allocated
logical flows cannot be used. For this situation, we will flood the ARP
request if the TPA is for a configured IP address that is outside the
connected routers' subnets.
v8 -> v9
* Rebased
* Added missing documentation to ovn-northd.8.xml
* Fixed memory leaks in northd.c

Mark Michelson (4):
  northd: Factor peer retrieval into its own function.
  northd: Add IP routing and ARP resolution flows for NAT/LB addresses.
  northd: Add options to automatically add routes for NATs and LBs.
  northd: Flood ARPs to routers for "unreachable" addresses.

 northd/ovn-northd.8.xml |  15 +-
 northd/ovn-northd.c     | 414 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++-----------
 northd/ovn_northd.dl    | 169 +++++++++++++---
 ovn-nb.xml              |  33 +++-
 tests/ovn-nbctl.at      |   3 +
 tests/ovn-northd.at     | 345 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
 tests/system-ovn.at     | 102 ++++++++++
 utilities/ovn-nbctl.c   |  25 ++-
 8 files changed, 965 insertions(+), 141 deletions(-)


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