[ovs-dev] updating ovn's submodule for ovs

Numan Siddique numans at ovn.org
Mon Mar 1 13:25:02 UTC 2021

On Fri, Feb 26, 2021 at 8:27 AM Ben Pfaff <blp at ovn.org> wrote:
> Leonid pointed out that OVN's submodule for OVS is wrong now because it
> doesn't include what ovn-northd-ddlog needs to build.  Do we have a
> policy or a practice on which commit to update it to?  It's tempting to
> just pick "current tip of OVS master".

I'm not sure if there is a policy.  +1 from me to pick the current tip.

If there are any concerns, then I guess we can pick up the commit
which addresses this issue.


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