[ovs-dev] [PATCH v3 0/2] Encap & Decap actions for MPLS packet type

Varghese, Martin (Nokia - IN/Bangalore) martin.varghese at nokia.com
Thu Mar 11 04:57:03 UTC 2021

Hi Eelco,

As you suggested in a different email I have tried to use the new ADD_MPLS  datapath action for the "push_mpls" userspace  action.
But these tests fail.
487: mpls-xlate.at:3    MPLS xlate action
6230 488: mpls-xlate.at:147  MPLS xlate action - patch-port
6231 489: mpls-xlate.at:191  MPLS xlate action - group bucket
6232 1143: ofproto-dpif.at:7118 ofproto-dpif - sFlow packet sampling - MPLS
6233 1165: ofproto-dpif.at:8204 ofproto-dpif - MPLS actions that result in a userspace action
6234 1166: ofproto-dpif.at:8240 ofproto-dpif - MPLS actions that result in a drop
6235 1177: ofproto-dpif.at:8534 ofproto-dpif megaflow - mpls

I understand these tests fail as they don't see "PUSH_MPLS" datapath action in datapath flows.

Is there any framework to selectively use ADD_MPLS or PUSH_MPLS  in test scripts  based on what is supported in datapath ?
Or, Should we continue to use PUSH_MPLS datapath action for userspace push_mpls action ?


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