[ovs-dev] OVN release proposals 2/3: Monthly point releases

Mark Michelson mmichels at redhat.com
Mon Nov 22 21:59:44 UTC 2021

Currently, we tend to release a .0 version of OVN. It's rare to release 
any follow-up point releases unless there is a major regression or if a 
"critical" new feature barely missed the soft-freeze deadline.

Since it is rare to have point releases, it sometimes seems 
pointless(ha!) to backport changes to the current supported release 
branch, because those changes never actually get released.

My proposal is to have monthly point releases. In other words, if we 
were to release 22.03.0 in March, then in April, we would create a 
22.03.1 release, in May we would create a 22.03.2 release, and in June 
we would create a 22.03.3 release alongside the 22.06.0 release. 
Assuming proposal 1 does not pass, this would be the end. But if 
proposal 1 passes, then we would continue to release 22.03.4 in July, 
22.03.5 in August, and 22.03.6 alongside the 22.09.0 release in 
September. For LTS releases (of which there are not any yet), the point 
releases would continue until the end of their support is reached.

The goal of this is to ensure that users of a specific release actually 
receive updates instead of feeling compelled to update before they are 
ready. It also may motivate developers to ensure that bug fixes get 
backported to the current release version.

Please respond with your thoughts on this proposal.

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