[ovs-discuss] XenServer vSwitch 0.90.6

Danny Wannagat Danny.Wannagat at eu.citrix.com
Tue Nov 3 23:55:41 UTC 2009


I'm currently testing bonding on XenServer 5.5 with vswitch 0.90.6

When the MII Status of one of the bond interfaces is DOWN, it doesn't  
switch to UP before the timout if the other interfaces goes down.

1 Bond with ETH0 and ETH1.
Both are active.
MII Status UP

Now I pull the network cable on ETH0. All vms switch to ETH1. (cat / 
MII Status ETH0: DOWN.

Now I put the cable back into ETH0.

2 seconds later I pull ETH1. Now both interfaces are down.

It takes until the updelay timeout runs out before eth0 gets online  
again and I get access to the VMs.

Without vswitch (in normal xenserver bonding). The DOWN interface  
would immediately come online if I pull the cable from nic2.
Before the updealy timeout runs out.

Does that work as expected?


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