[ovs-discuss] Known Issues with 0.90.6

Justin Pettit jpettit at nicira.com
Wed Nov 4 23:32:57 UTC 2009

On Nov 3, 2009, at 3:58 PM, Danny Wannagat wrote:

> vswitch 0.90.6 is solving one of my bonding problems on xenserver 5.5

Great!  It's nice to hear positive feedback.

> Are there any known issues with 0.90.6

We are actively using Open vSwitch internally without significant  
problems.  There have been a number of bugs squashed since 0.90.6, and  
I've asked our QA department to certify a build that can be 0.90.7.   
We should be able to get that out by the end of next week.

Jesse has confirmed the bonding issue that you raised in your previous  
message and is working on a fix.  He'll send a detailed response to  
your message later, but my guess is that we'll be able to get that in  
before the next release.

With these fixes, we will have addressed all of the outstanding high  
priority bugs we have filed at the moment.*  Most of the user-visible  
remaining bugs are related to ingress policing not properly throttling  
traffic.  We are doing feature, integration and stress testing, which  
is going well.  I would consider its current state to be of a high  
beta quality level.

> I heard that we are probably not able to include it into the next
> xenserver release because of some known / open issues?
> Would be great if you could send me some more details?

We can't speak for Citrix on their plans, but we are actively working  
with the XenServer engineering team to support integration efforts and  
finalize plans.

Please keep the feedback coming in!  It's great to have additional  
information about real world deployment experience.


* I must apologize for not yet migrating our bug tracker to the  
outside world.  As penance, I will send out a message later to the  
dev at openvswitch mailing list with a list and brief description of each  
user-visible bug filed against this branch.

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