[ovs-discuss] Flow Expiration returning zeros for byte/packet counts

David Erickson derickso at stanford.edu
Wed Nov 11 00:25:30 UTC 2009

Hi all,
At Justin's request I am forwarding this bug report along to this email 
address.  I am seeing a problem where flow expirations are consistently 
returning zeros for packet/byte counts on a specific flow I am 
inserting.  I am using OVS build 1497 that Justin gave me today.  The 
flow has the characteristics:

port0002:vlanffff mac7a:4a:0f:e9:1b:bd->22:db:ed:04:cb:a4 proto0800 
ip10.79.2.12-> port47253->80
and the reverse flow:
port0001:vlanffff mac22:db:ed:04:cb:a4->7a:4a:0f:e9:1b:bd proto0800 
ip10.79.2.13-> port80->47253

This is a wget from a vm in xen to another vm in another xen instance, 
of a ~250 MB file.  I am throttling this flow via a wget command line 
option to 10Mbps so it takes ~30s.  While the flow is running, every 10s 
I send a flow stats request, as an exact match on the flow, and the 
reported byte and packet counts are correct.  However when the flow 
expires, the byte/packet counter are zero. 

To confuse things further, it does appear that I get flow expirations 
with correct byte/packet counters for ARP packets, however upon further 
inspection of my log file, it also shows dhcp requests/replies (ip port 
67->68 and vice versa), and they are showing zeros.  This may be an 
issue with anything that is IP not getting correct expirations?


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