[ovs-discuss] Flow Expiration returning zeros for byte/packet counts

David Erickson derickso at stanford.edu
Wed Nov 11 03:04:06 UTC 2009

Jesse Gross wrote:
> David Erickson wrote:
>> However when the flow expires, the byte/packet counter are zero.
> I sent off a patch for review that fixes a problem with the counters 
> in flow expiration messages, which is hopefully the same problem as 
> the one you are having.  Does this match your scenario:
> * The flows you are inserting are exact match flows.
> * There is a timeout that causes the flow to expire within 5 seconds 
> of traffic flowing either due to a hard timeout or an idle timeout 
> that is less than 5 seconds.
> If both of those are true then I believe that the issue should be 
> resolved by the patch.
> Jesse
Hi Jesse,
Certainly the first, however I am seeing this bug on both short and long 
(20+seconds) flows, both with an idle timeout of whatever the default 
NOX 0.4 timeout is (I'm assuming 5s?).  Does that qualify?


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