[ovs-discuss] ovs-vswitchd usage

Steven Y. Ko steveko at CS.Princeton.EDU
Fri Nov 13 23:15:05 UTC 2009


I'm trying to use ovs-vswitchd and NOX together to control my
switches. I am not sure if I am doing this correctly, but it doesn't
work. So I was wondering if somebody could shed some light.

I use Ubuntu with 2.6.26 kernel. Everything compiles well and loads
well. Here's my ovs-vswitchd.conf file:


NOX is configured as an out-of-band controller, and connectivity is
fine. With this configuration file, I run ovs-vswitchd with -v, then I
get the log copied at the end of this email. It seems that there is no
error. However, when I actually bring up 2 hosts and try to ping each
other, ARP requests never pass through. I used tcpdump to verify that
either eth1 or eth2 receives the ARP requests, and they do receive the

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

- Steve


Nov 13 18:04:11|00001|cfg|INFO|using "./ovs-vswitchd.conf" as configuration file
, "./.ovs-vswitchd.conf.~lock~" as lock file
Nov 13 18:04:11|00002|cfg|DBG|reading configuration from ./ovs-vswitchd.conf
Nov 13 18:04:11|00003|cfg|DBG|configuration changes:
Nov 13 18:04:11|00004|cfg|DBG|+bridge.mybr.controller=tcp:
Nov 13 18:04:11|00005|cfg|DBG|+bridge.mybr.datapath-id=000000000001
Nov 13 18:04:11|00006|cfg|DBG|+bridge.mybr.in-band=false
Nov 13 18:04:11|00007|cfg|DBG|+bridge.mybr.port=eth1
Nov 13 18:04:11|00008|cfg|DBG|+bridge.mybr.port=eth2
Nov 13 18:04:11|00009|cfg|DBG|+iface.mybr.internal=true
Nov 13 18:04:11|00010|dpif|DBG|dp0: port 0 is device scaffold
Nov 13 18:04:11|00011|dpif|DBG|dp0: ioctl(ODP_DP_DESTROY): success
Nov 13 18:04:11|00012|dpif|DBG|dp0: ioctl(ODP_DP_STATS): success
Nov 13 18:04:11|00013|dpif|DBG|dp0: ioctl(ODP_SET_LISTEN_MASK): success
Nov 13 18:04:11|00014|dpif|DBG|dp0: ioctl(ODP_FLOW_FLUSH): success
Nov 13 18:04:11|00015|dpif|DBG|dp0: ioctl(ODP_DP_STATS): success
Nov 13 18:04:11|00016|dpif|DBG|dp0: port 0 is device mybr
Nov 13 18:04:11|00017|dpif|DBG|dp0: port 0 is device mybr
Nov 13 18:04:11|00018|netlink|DBG|nl_sock_send (Success): nl(len:32, type=18(fam
ily-defined), flags=5[REQUEST][ACK], seq=4afdeaec, pid=4198144(3840:1))
Nov 13 18:04:11|00019|netlink|DBG|nl_sock_recv (Success): nl(len:236, type=16(fa
mily-defined), flags=0, seq=4afdeaec, pid=4198144(3840:1))
Nov 13 18:04:11|00020|netdev|DBG|obtaining netdev stats via rtnetlink
Nov 13 18:04:11|00021|ofproto|INFO|using datapath ID 002320dbee5b
Nov 13 18:04:11|00022|dpif|DBG|dp0: ioctl(ODP_DP_STATS): success
Nov 13 18:04:11|00023|dpif|DBG|dp0: ioctl(ODP_PORT_LIST): success
Nov 13 18:04:11|00024|dpif|DBG|dp0: ioctl(ODP_PORT_GROUP_SET): success
Nov 13 18:04:11|00025|dpif|DBG|dp0: ioctl(ODP_PORT_GROUP_SET): success
Nov 13 18:04:11|00026|bridge|INFO|created bridge mybr on dp0
Nov 13 18:04:11|00027|bridge|INFO|created port eth1 on bridge mybr
Nov 13 18:04:11|00028|bridge|INFO|created port eth2 on bridge mybr
Nov 13 18:04:11|00029|bridge|INFO|created port mybr on bridge mybr
Nov 13 18:04:11|00030|bridge|DBG|attached network device eth1 to port eth1
Nov 13 18:04:11|00031|bridge|DBG|attached network device eth2 to port eth2
Nov 13 18:04:11|00032|bridge|DBG|attached network device mybr to port mybr
Nov 13 18:04:11|00033|dpif|DBG|dp0: ioctl(ODP_DP_STATS): success
Nov 13 18:04:11|00034|dpif|DBG|dp0: ioctl(ODP_PORT_LIST): success
Nov 13 18:04:11|00035|dpif|DBG|dp0: ioctl(ODP_DP_STATS): success
Nov 13 18:04:11|00036|dpif|DBG|dp0: ioctl(ODP_PORT_LIST): success
Nov 13 18:04:11|00037|dpif|DBG|dp0: added eth1 as port 1
Nov 13 18:04:11|00038|dpif|DBG|dp0: added eth2 as port 2
Nov 13 18:04:11|00039|dpif|DBG|dp0: ioctl(ODP_DP_STATS): success
Nov 13 18:04:11|00040|dpif|DBG|dp0: ioctl(ODP_PORT_LIST): success
Nov 13 18:04:11|00041|bridge|DBG|dp0 has interface eth1 on port 1
Nov 13 18:04:11|00042|bridge|DBG|dp0 has interface eth2 on port 2
Nov 13 18:04:11|00043|bridge|DBG|dp0 has interface mybr on port 0
Nov 13 18:04:11|00044|bridge|DBG|bridge mybr: using bridge Ethernet address 50:5
Nov 13 18:04:11|00045|ofproto|INFO|datapath ID changed to 000000000001
Nov 13 18:04:11|00046|dpif|DBG|dp0: ioctl(ODP_FLOW_FLUSH): success
Nov 13 18:04:11|00047|dpif|DBG|dp0: port 0 is device mybr
Nov 13 18:04:11|00048|rconn|INFO|tcp: connecting...
Nov 13 18:04:11|00049|rconn|DBG|tcp: entering CONNECTING
Nov 13 18:04:11|00050|netlink|DBG|nl_sock_recv (Success): nl(len:72, type=16(fam
ily-defined), flags=0, seq=0, pid=0(0:0))
Nov 13 18:04:11|00051|dpif|DBG|dp0: device eth1 is on port 1
Nov 13 18:04:11|00052|dpif|DBG|dp0: ioctl(ODP_PORT_GROUP_SET): success
Nov 13 18:04:11|00053|dpif|DBG|dp0: ioctl(ODP_PORT_GROUP_SET): success
Nov 13 18:04:11|00054|netlink|DBG|nl_sock_recv (Success): nl(len:72, type=16(fam
ily-defined), flags=0, seq=0, pid=0(0:0))
Nov 13 18:04:11|00055|dpif|DBG|dp0: device eth2 is on port 2
Nov 13 18:04:11|00056|dpif|DBG|dp0: ioctl(ODP_PORT_GROUP_SET): success
Nov 13 18:04:11|00057|dpif|DBG|dp0: ioctl(ODP_PORT_GROUP_SET): success
Nov 13 18:04:11|00058|netlink|DBG|nl_sock_recv (Success): nl(len:240, type=16(fa
mily-defined), flags=0, seq=0, pid=0(0:0))
Nov 13 18:04:11|00059|dpif|DBG|dp0: device mybr is on port 0
Nov 13 18:04:11|00060|dpif|DBG|dp0: ioctl(ODP_PORT_GROUP_SET): success
Nov 13 18:04:11|00061|dpif|DBG|dp0: ioctl(ODP_PORT_GROUP_SET): success
Nov 13 18:04:11|00062|in_band|DBG|remote MAC address changed from 00:00:00:00:00
:00 to 50:54:00:00:00:01
Nov 13 18:04:11|00063|vconn|DBG|tcp: sent (Success): hello (xid=0
Nov 13 18:04:11|00064|vconn|DBG|tcp: received: hello (xid=0x0):
Nov 13 18:04:11|00065|vconn|DBG|tcp: negotiated OpenFlow version
0x97 (we support versions 0x97 to 0x97 inclusive, peer no later than version 0x9
Nov 13 18:04:11|00066|rconn|INFO|tcp: connected
Nov 13 18:04:11|00067|rconn|DBG|tcp: entering ACTIVE
Nov 13 18:04:11|00068|poll_loop|DBG|[POLLIN] on fd 18: 0x807e420 0x8060414 0x805
57e3 0x805f4aa 0xb7eaf775
Nov 13 18:04:11|00069|vconn|DBG|tcp: received: features_request (
Nov 13 18:04:11|00070|vconn|DBG|tcp: sent (Success): features_rep
ly (xid=0x0): ver:0x97, dpid:1
n_tables:2, n_buffers:256
features: capabilities:0x17, actions:0x3ff
 1(eth1): addr:50:54:00:00:00:03, config: 0x1, state:0x1
     current:    100MB-FD AUTO_NEG
     advertised: 10MB-HD 10MB-FD 100MB-HD 100MB-FD COPPER AUTO_NEG
     supported:  10MB-HD 10MB-FD 100MB-HD 100MB-FD COPPER AUTO_NEG
 2(eth2): addr:50:54:00:00:00:04, config: 0x1, state:0x1
     current:    100MB-FD AUTO_NEG
     advertised: 10MB-HD 10MB-FD 100MB-HD 100MB-FD COPPER AUTO_NEG
     supported:  10MB-HD 10MB-FD 100MB-HD 100MB-FD COPPER AUTO_NEG
 LOCAL(mybr): addr:50:54:00:00:00:03, config: 0x1, state:0x1
Nov 13 18:04:11|00071|vconn|DBG|tcp: received: set_config (xid=0x
0): (sending flow expirations) miss_send_len=0
Nov 13 18:04:11|00072|dpif|DBG|dp0: ioctl(ODP_SET_DROP_FRAGS): success
Nov 13 18:04:11|00073|vconn|DBG|tcp: received: flow_mod (xid=0x84
fce68): DEL: idle:0 hard:0 pri:0 buf:0actions=drop
Nov 13 18:04:12|00074|poll_loop|DBG|936-ms timeout: 0x80557e3 0x805f4aa 0xb7eaf7
Nov 13 18:04:12|00075|dpif|DBG|dp0: ioctl(ODP_DP_STATS): success
Nov 13 18:04:12|00076|dpif|DBG|dp0: listed 0 flows
Nov 13 18:04:13|00077|poll_loop|DBG|1000-ms timeout: 0x80557e3 0x805f4aa 0xb7eaf
Nov 13 18:04:13|00078|dpif|DBG|dp0: ioctl(ODP_DP_STATS): success
Nov 13 18:04:13|00079|dpif|DBG|dp0: listed 0 flows
Nov 13 18:04:14|00080|poll_loop|DBG|1000-ms timeout: 0x80557e3 0x805f4aa 0xb7eaf
Nov 13 18:04:14|00081|dpif|DBG|dp0: ioctl(ODP_DP_STATS): success
Nov 13 18:04:14|00082|dpif|DBG|dp0: listed 0 flows
Nov 13 18:04:15|00083|poll_loop|DBG|1000-ms timeout: 0x80557e3 0x805f4aa 0xb7eaf

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