[ovs-discuss] INSTALL.bridge : brctl addbr fails

Lee, Jeongkeun jklee at hp.com
Thu Nov 19 22:53:32 UTC 2009

Hi Ben,

Following the INSTALL.bridge instruction, I compiled and installed openvswitch and brcompat modules on Debian Lenny 2.6.26-2-amd64. I'm using the master snapshot that I downloaded this morning (f7fed00035a1b7822c1d61e568bc31e842f192db).

After starting ovs-vswitchd and ovs-brcompatd as follows (-P -D options are not accepted)
      % ovs-vswitchd -vANY:console:EMER /etc/ovs-vswitchd.conf
      % ovs-brcompatd -vANY:console:EMER /etc/ovs-vswitchd.conf

'brctl addbr br0' fails as follows:
	device br0 already exists; can't create bridge with the same name

Attempts to add other bridge names (br10, ovs1..) didn't work neither.
'brctl show' shows no entry and 'ifconfig -a' shows nothing with br0.

Kernel messages only report the start of open vSwitch and its Bridge Compatibility module. 

I made sure that ovs-vswitchd.conf was empty before starting ovs-vswitchd and ovs-brcompatd.
Of cource, I removed the bridge module before insmod ovs-vswitchd.

If you have any advice on how we can workaround that, that would be very appreciated.


Jeongkeun "JK" Lee
Hewlett-Packard Labs
Palo Alto, CA

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