[ovs-discuss] dump flows in bridge mode

Lee, Jeongkeun jklee at hp.com
Wed Nov 25 21:24:43 UTC 2009

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> ovs-vswitchd sets up a default rule, which is completely wildcarded and has an
> action of "normal".  This rules means that it acts as a learning switch.  The
> rule looks something like this:
> 	duration=4694s, table_id=1, priority=0, n_packets=0, n_bytes=0,
> actions=NORMAL
> Are you seeing those packet and byte counters going up?  Hopefully, you are.

Yes, I see it, only this one, from "ovs-ofctl dump-flows".

> The kernel datapath is a cache of flows that are hitting whatever the
> userspace flow table has configured.  It times out entries that are idle for
> five seconds.  If you want to see what those look like, you can run "ovs-dpctl
> show dp0".  (The ovs-dpctl command is for interrogating the kernel datapath.)

Thanks, now I see a list of flow entries by running "ovs-dpctl dump-flows"

> If you configure ovs-vswitchd to connect to a controller and it sets up flows,
> you should see those in your "ovs-ofctl dump-flows".  You can manually
> configure the ovs-vswitchd tables with "ovs-ofctl add-flow" and "ovs-ofctl
> del-flows".
> Does this make sense?
> --Justin

Yes, it becomes clear to me.
thank you for the notes.

-- JK

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