[ovs-discuss] A few question and experience about Open vSwitch

DarkBls darkbls at yahoo.com
Mon Oct 5 10:46:56 UTC 2009

I'm interrested in Open vSwitch. But after reading and playing a bit with it, I have still a question.

The README (http://openvswitch.org/cgi-bin/gitweb.cgi?p=openvswitch;a=blob_plain;f=README;hb=HEAD) talk about distribution across several phys servers:

>In addition to exposing standard control and visibility
>interfaces to the virtual networking layer, it was designed to support
>distribution across multiple physical servers

I don't see how Open vSwitch can do that ? Is it a future feature ?

I've also try to make some test and it fails so far. I wanted to had a bonding (eth0 + eth1 mode 1) into an Open vSwitch configuration. As soon as I add the bonding into the switch, I cannot reach the server. No interface answer any request. But all works OK without adding a bonding. I tried on Centos 5.3.

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