[ovs-discuss] Error compiling on CentOS 5.3

Ben Pfaff blp at nicira.com
Mon Oct 12 18:17:37 UTC 2009

Paolo Cravero <pcravero at as2594.net> writes:

> /root/setup/a/datapath/linux-2.6/datapath.c: In function âopenvswitch_ioctlâ:
> /root/setup/a/datapath/linux-2.6/datapath.c:1429: warning: cast from
> pointer to integer of different size
> and other warnings regarding size_t. I can send you a grep or warnings if needed.

You can ignore those warnings.  I am going to fix them in our
tree, but they do not indicate real problems.

> 'make check' returned this output (2 tests skipped):

That's normal.  The output looks fine.

> So all tests have passed using the latest snapshot (2009-10-12 at
> 13:00z) on CentOS 5.3 and having manually updated automake to 2.64.
> Now I'll play with the configuration of OVS.


Thank you for the report.

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