[ovs-discuss] Openvswitch: Rules matching ports behaving strangely - Rules translation problem?

Justin Pettit jpettit at nicira.com
Tue Oct 20 00:36:33 UTC 2009

On Oct 19, 2009, at 5:12 PM, Justin Pettit wrote:

> I can answer this part, though:
>> root at loadgen134:~# ovs-dpctl dump-flows br_out
>> port0001:vlan65535 mac00:1b:21:10:8c:7e->00:16:3e:76:4f:93 type0800
>> proto1 ip192.168.10.1-> port0->0, packets:125, bytes: 
>> 12250,
>> used:0.708s, actions:0,2,5,4,3
> ...
>> port0002:vlan65535 mac00:16:3e:76:4f:93->00:1b:21:10:8c:7e type0800
>> proto1 ip192.168.10.2-> port8->0, packets:125, bytes: 
>> 12250,
>> used:0.708s, actions:0,1,5,4,3
>> I am confused by the port0->0 and port8->0 in these listings -- my dp
>> does not have a port 8?!

By the way, in case it wasn't clear from my previous response, this  
second port (port0->0) is the transport port.  The first port  
(port0001) is the incoming physical port.  The action section lists  
the physical ports that traffic is supposed to be output on.

If you're going to point out that this could be clearer, I would agree  
with you.  :-)  I'll file a bug on it.


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