[ovs-discuss] Project Update

Justin Pettit jpettit at nicira.com
Sat Sep 5 23:58:12 UTC 2009

I just wanted to give everyone a brief update on the Open vSwitch  
project.  Our stable branch is nearing what we consider a high quality  
beta.  For the past couple of days, it has been running through our QA  
regression suite.  Assuming no show-stoppers appear, early next week,  
we will release 0.90.5, which mostly contains bug fixes since 0.90.4.

Development for our next release is underway in our master branch.   
These are the items that we hope to have completed within the next  
month or two:

	- Local ACL configuration.  When the switch is not connected to a  
centralized controller, the administrator will be able to specify ACL  
policies for network traffic.  The main development for this has been  
completed and its implementation is being actively discussed on the  
"dev" mailing list.

	- Replace config file with config database.  Currently, all  
configuration is done through the "ovs-vswitch.conf" file, which is  
convenient for very simple environments.  When we start having  
multiple ways to configure the switch (e.g., CLI, SNMP, NETCONF, the  
forthcoming OpenFlow configuration protocol), trying to synchronize a  
single file will become a nuisance.  The data model we plan to use has  
been discussed on the openflow-spec mailing list in the threads with  
"Config protocol" in their name:


	- Compatibility with VDE.  Most of the core development has been  
completed, but it needs to be merged into the master branch.

	- QoS Traffic Shaping.  We will support the OpenFlow 1.0 plan for  
queuing, as discussed in the following thread:


	Configuration of queue management will be handled through the  
configuration database.

	- BSD support.  A few commits have already been made that were  
preventing Open vSwitch from compiling cleanly on NetBSD.  Porting our  
netdev library to BSD platforms is underway, which will allow user- 
space forwarding.

	- GRE for Tunneling and ERSPAN: This is early in the design phase,  
and discussion of the plan will take place on the dev mailing list.

In the next few weeks we plan to move our internal Redmine instance to openvswitch.org 
.  We use it both for bug tracking and a development wiki.  We'll send  
out an announcement once the migration is complete.

If anyone would like to discuss their own development plans, please  
drop us a note on the dev mailing list.



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