[ovs-discuss] flow hash calculation in open vswitch.

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Wed Apr 14 04:26:59 UTC 2010


Does all the members of struct odp_flow_key? are used in hash calculation ?
Can you please elaborate the parameters used in hash calculations?



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On Tue, Apr 13, 2010 at 02:06:37AM -0400, mandar284 at aim.com wrote: 
>   Open vswitch seems to be working on a logic of matching flow hash 
>   with that of IP data packets.  But the role of flow hash bucket in 
>   user space and kernel space is an area to explore in.  Can anyone 
>   put more light on the role of flow hash matching used in open 
>   vswitch, the parameters used in flow hash calculation ? are there 
>   two separate flow hash tables maintained at kernel space and user 
>   space ? 
The kernel extracts flow data (struct odp_flow_key) from each received 
packet and hashes the data using a Jenkins hash. 
User space maintains a more general flow classifier that supports 
wildcards.  It also uses a Jenkins hash as part of the classifier. 


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