[ovs-discuss] Installation on HP CitrixXenServer

宇野 太郎 hiroc821 at hotmail.co.jp
Wed Apr 28 11:36:00 UTC 2010

Hello my name is hiroshi uno


Citrix XenServer HP Enterprise Edition 5.5
is used.

Xenkernel after Citrix XenServer HP
Enterprise Edition 5.5 is installed.

Xen Kernel is


There is a following question.

Only the area used when the disk partition
installs it in "/" is secured in the environment that installs
XenServer of the HP offer. 

It seems to be going to become a problem in
the future.

Please teach the coping process if there is
a case using openvswitch in the environment of Citrix XenServer HP Enterprise
Edition 5.5.


I hope someone could help me.





hiroshi uno

hiroc821 at hotmail.co.jp


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