[ovs-discuss] How to perform cenralized management?

陈文龙 qzchenwl at gmail.com
Mon Aug 2 06:52:40 UTC 2010

Centralized management is mentioned in the paper.
I am not clear about how to do that.
Which CLI(command line interface) can do that ?

Would you show me an example?


 Extending Networking into the Virtualization

> *Centralized management.* The interfaces for configuration

 management and asynchronous notification can

be used to create a single logical switch image across

multiple Open vSwitches running on separate physical

servers (similar to [7, 20]). In essence, a global management

process synthesizes a logical view of the switches

and their configuration declarations and lets admins

operate on that view instead of individual switches.

Therefore, as VMs join, leave, and migrate, it is the

responsibility of this management process to ensure any

configuration state remains coupled to the logical entities

for which it was declared.

We have used this interface to build a full CLI for

configuring the network as a whole. The CLI presents

the abstraction of a virtual port to which network configuration

state can be applied (e.g., VLANs, RSPAN, QoS

policies, or ACLs). Each virtual port then corresponds

to a unique VM and follows the VM throughout the

network. As a result, it is possible to query and configure

a collection of virtual switches as if they were a single

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