[ovs-discuss] Do I have to configure switches as VLAN trunks to set up VLANs for VMs?

陈文龙 qzchenwl at gmail.com
Wed Aug 4 02:31:46 UTC 2010

To set up VLANs for VMs, I may take use of many physicals, connect them
Configure them as VLAN trunks will result in a big broadcast domain, which
reduce the performance of network.
Is there any way to avoid it?

Another question is if I want to set up VLANs across router, what should I
If it is possible, how to extend VLANs in WAN/Internet ?

Thanks in advance.

                       | router  |
                         /      \
                        /        \
            +----------+          +---------+
            |  switch  |          | switch  |
            +----------+          +---------+
              |      |              |      |
             VLAN10  VLAN20        VLAN10  VLAN20
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